Nine Worlds Geekfest is upon us! Here are the latest from Claire Powell.

“The Here Be Dragons International New Genre Film Festival at Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015 has published its list of Film and Feature Script selections. The very best new genre shorts and features will be shown as part of the official Here Be Dragons competition, featuring everything from the darkest of comedies to the brightest of horrors.

Here Be Dragons will be showing the newest, strangest and most exciting in new genre film-making from all around the world. Covering the gamut from Afrocentrism to roller derby, it embraces everything you can think of, and much that you probably can’t, mixing it up with quizzes, games, panels, midnight movies, free popcorn and a screening room full of bean bags. With recent contributors coming from the BFI, The Wotever DIY Film Festival, The Duke Mitchell Film Club and more, it offers the most diverse programme around.

“New doesn’t mean young; fantasy doesn’t mean elves; horror doesn’t mean brown notes, and the future doesn’t have to be Blade Runner,” says Andrew Clarke, film-maker, event organiser, and currently manager at Mile End’s Genesis independent cinema. He is running the film track with Tara Brown, a film festival curator, event organiser, artist and writer. “We want to champion all the new ideas and energy that only genre film-making can allow,” they say.

They also like dragons. A lot.”