You may have noticed a slight change on the site over the last week. It’s now almost a year since I took over Sci-Fi Fantasy Network’s illustrious ‘Vampires & Co’ section, affectionately referred to by myself and my fellow SFFN editors as the ‘Darkness’ column.

I’ve written a lot about vampires in the last year, and why shouldn’t I? Vampires are awesome. But there are a lot of things that go bump in the night and they don’t all have fangs. Those that do aren’t always undead, and those that are aren’t always vampires.

There’s an awful lot lurking in the dark.

In recent months I’ve begun efforts to broaden the scope of this section of SFFN by including more articles about non-vampire related beasties. In light of that, I reached the conclusion that ‘Vampires & Co’ was no longer an appropriate title for the section. There’s a lot here for fans of other creatures and cretins, and I felt the moniker was reinforcing an unfortunate trend in supernatural fantasy that has been running for some years now: Vamps are all that.

Everything else is rather left out.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a vampire obsession that could rival Bella Swan (although I have, I must say, conspicuously better taste than she does), but I’m also thoroughly obsessed with a lot of other creatures of the night, and I know a lot of you are too.

To that end, the section has been renamed ‘Supernatural’; after some discussion we felt this was the most representative term for all the beasties we’d like to cover. From now on you can expect to see more of the following:



Witches, Wizards & Sorcery


And of course, Vampires…

There will doubtless be other fiendish creatures lurking in the night, but they will have to be a surprise. If you’re interested in writing for us and have something to say about any of these topics, do please get in touch on [email protected].