Following on from the release of part three of the superb adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel  – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, FedCon GmbH proudly presents the second RingCon – Special : HobbitCon 3– There and Back Again.

This is a very entertaining 3 day event covering all things Hobbit and  J.R.R. Tolkien – you get the chance to meet and chat with actors from the Hobbit and have autograph and photo sessions or attend one of their interview sessions or panels.  There are also many lectures, discussions, shows and workshops. There will be exhibitions and dealer tables and lots of Cosplay to bring the flair of Middle Earth into the Maritim Hotel.

The show continues late into the small hours with bands, disco and a  buffet to keep you dancing the night away.

With an all star line up for you to meet…….

Bolg – Lawrence Makoare
Radagast – Sylvester McCoy
Bain – John Bell
Thrór – Jeffrey Thomas
Balin – Ken Stott
Ori – Adam Brown
Bifur – William Kircher
Dwalin – Graham McTavish
Gloin – Peter Hambleton
Bombur – Stephen Hunter
Nori – Jed Brophy
Fili – Dean O’Gorman
Dori – Mark Hadlow
Oin – John Callen

You can get an up to date list of star guests at 

So if you’ve ever considered going to a Con I would highly recommend this one – it’s great fun, very well organised in a fabulous location and with lots to see and do. There a quite a few thousand attendees but it never feels too crowded. Many of the talks and seminars are in English as are all the celebrity talks and panels.  You can stay on site or there are several good hotels close by. There is a small à la cart restaurant on site plus an afternoon /early evening buffet which is great value for money. There are also many restaurants a short taxi ride away. If you’re flying in, the airport is about 20 minutes away. From the ferry port at Amsterdam is a 3 hours drive.

All information about HobbitCon 3 and the coveted tickets are available at