Everything finally comes together. Boba’s flashback to his meeting with Fennec Shand, a succesfull attempt to recover his ship and an unsuccessful attempt to recover his armour. And the promise that everything, or rather everyONE that has not come together yet shall do so in the next episodes.

The flashbacks in “Chapter 4: The Gathering Storm” overlap with The Mandalorian Season 1 episode 5, while the present timeline synchronises with Season 2 episode 13. The more attentive audience caught what was about to happen before it was shown based on musical cues. Music from The Mandalorian was used when Boba saw the signs of Din’s shootout with Fennec over the horizon. It also played at the end of the episode when Fennec spoke to Boba about potential allies. This alone would be enough to cause some excitement after this episode.

Finally A Partner To Talk To

But the plot itself is important too. We finally see how Boba met Fennec, filling the last missing pieces of the plot before we step into the big now. We get to understand why he saved her life, mirroring his own experience in the desert. Very well handled was the fact that Boba recognised Fennec (after all, she had been a well-known assassin for years) which was another reason why he would help her.

Fennec’s presence also permits Boba to explain his motivation to the audience, and to put into words what we have had to more or less put together from the previous events. That may be welcome for those who have been wondering what in nine Corellian hells came over Boba that he suddenly decided to become a ruler. Just like it has been implied in the previous episodes, it was the Tuskens who were ultimately responsible. During his time with them (which, as Boba mentioned in a perhaps surprising throwaway line, were years) Boba finally started feeling like he belonged somewhere. He is therefore apparently motivated by his desire to make things right for the denizens of Tatooine, feeling that his experience places him (and Fennec) in the position to do so.

To Jabba’s Palace And Beyond

The dynamic between Fennec and Boba is handled perfectly, starting from uncertain testing one another in the beginning, eventually solidifying into mutual trust, especially after dramatic encounter with the Sarlacc. A venture into Jabba’s palace is a neatly-flowing action sequence with Fennec showing off with her gadgets and Boba displaying some temper. The familiar environment with Jabba’s droids is a lovely touch. I should also remark that I appreciate how logically the story explains that Boba did not just go and ask Bib Fortuna to return his ship, because “he might not like the answer”. It also underlines how much less Boba is – in the eyes of the outsiders, at least – without his armour. At the same time, it clearly is not a problem for Fennec, who sees him for what he is.

And what even better things are in store? The big confrontation with the Pykes is in the air and Boba is looking for allies for this battle. Perhaps not so unexpectedly, but certainly in line with many fans’ hopes, Black Krrsantan will be joining Boba in his fight. But so will apparently The Mando, as implied by the musical cue in the last scene. And who knows who else – more Mandalorians? Is it too much to hope for Bo-Katan? Let’s see where the future takes Boba and his new partner Fennec.