The second episode of Star Wars Resistance has exceeded my expectations. Here are five reasons why:

1. Kaz Is A Great Protagonist

Or actually he isn’t – the protagonist, I mean – and that is part of the reason why he is great. It has become clear that the show is taking the same route as Rebels did. There, too, Ezra Bridger was the main character, but in 75% of the show, the focus was on someone else (or at the entire group).

Even if the story follows Kaz, the secondary characters in Resistance are as important as he is. In terms of plot development, sometimes even more. For example: Kaz is the one who technically saves the station from the pirate attack, true, but the bulk of the action is with the “aces”.

And that seems to be another emerging trait of Kaz that I really like. He isn’t the Hero with capital H who swaggers into the spotlight and does everything by himself, admired by all the other characters. Kaz does his part, unrecognised, yet it is his silent contribution that still makes the difference (or in this case, maybe it was rather loud contribution).

There was one more thing about Kaz I can’t praise enough. The entire episode was focused on the value of Kaz’s precious trophy that had both great monetary and sentimental value for him. Yet when it came down to it, Kaz sacrificed it to save someone else’s life (not even someone he would like!) without blinking of an eye. The moral lessons of “any life is precious” and “material possessions are just passing things” could not be spelled out more powerfully even if there were a Jedi Master preaching them.

2. Epic Aces

Since I have mentioned the Aces, that’s another part that deserves recognition. In Triple Dark, we saw why the station’s pilots are the Aces. Not only do they fly at the races, they can also rise to defend the station and everyone on it when the problem arises. And they can do it epicly well. Freya, Torra, Hype and Bo are already being made into characters you can recognise and admire them. Similar thing goes for the pirates – Kragan Gor and Synara San, at least.

Unlike in many other films or series, Resistance is doing a good job in making every character memorable in some way. It’s also doing fabulous job in making the starfighter combat possible to follow, and by that, making it possible for the audience to root for some individuals. I predict this will become very relevant when some major battle appears.

3. A World Full of Aliens

Part of making all the characters memorable is that many of them are different alien species. That has already started in the first episode, but Triple Dark has further underlined this aspect. Neimoidian pilot, Trandoshan, Mirialan and Quarren pirates, multiple others in the background…

Star Wars has always been about hundreds of different interesting galactic species, but Resistance has truly shown us a place where they all live together and we can feel like we know at least one member of each of them personally. It conveys well the feel of the post-Imperial Galaxy, where non-humans have proved instrumental many times in the Rebel effort (Wookiees, Mon Calamari, Ewoks, Bothans…) and are now living in equal mix with the humans, everywhere. It is the true Star Wars spirit.

As presumably major villains in the first season, Kragan Gor and Synara San make good first impression.

4. Visuals Strike Back

In my review of the first episode, I said that the visuals of Resistance leave much to be desired. I could very well take it back. Yes, it could still be better, but Triple Dark showed an amazing play of light and dark. I could literally rewatch the storm scene several times in a row.

5. First Order’s Underhanded Tactics

Last but not least, we get a glimpse into the origins of the First Order and its first moves. Clearly, they were not beyond cooperating with underworld elements to get what they needed. Proclaiming “noble” goals and order, but using any means necessary to achieve them…

Final Verdict 2.0

After having watched Triple Dark, my impression of Star Wars Resistance has skyrocketed. My impressions of the few things I have felt reservations about in the beginning (Kaz’s personality as “yet another typical main character” – which he totally is not, and the visuals) have been subverted.

Both Clone Wars and Rebels possessed the same element – their quality was a sort of curve that suddenly turned skywards and quickly jumped up; usually during the second season. With Resistance, it was the second episode – I therefore have high hopes for its future.