Get your studded leather jackets, Mohawk hair and motorcycles ready, because we’ve got some Time Lord punk for you!

This latest entry in our occasional series searching for the best (and worst) Doctor Who songs in history, comes from The Art Attacks.

Formed in April 1977, this punk band was the result of two students from the Royal Collage of Art, London, Edwin Pouncey and Steve Spear heading to a one-off gig at the college. The band went on to last for roughly a year, putting out a number of singles; “Punk Rock Stars”/”Rat City” and, of course, “I am a Dalek”/”Neutron Bomb”.

Imagine if the Sex Pistols had had a run in with the Daleks, or if T-Rex had spent a weekend marathoning Doctor Who. Something like this might have been a result. Anarchy on Gallifrey might have been another.

So, get your ears ready and prepare for a strange and slightly unsettling musical experience!