During my stay in London for the 66th Eastercon Convention, I had the immense pleasure of meeting Jim Burns, 3 time winner of the Hugo Award and 12 time winner of the BSFA award.

Jim is a trove of tales and life experience. In the first part of this interview he talks about his collaboration with George R.R. Martin (for whom he was commissioned to do the book jackets for the Game of Thrones series). Martin is by no means the only person who has secured Jim’s talents. The list is long and includes Ridley Scott (for both his ill-fated version of Dune, and Blade Runner), Harry Harrison and Peter Hamilton.

In the second part of the interview, Jim takes us on a fascinating journey exploring the development of his work, from painting to digital art, while touching upon his love of mythology, Victorian times and Romanticism. All of this under the recently created title of Imaginative Realist, the new term for sci-fi artists.

This is a real treat and essential viewing.