The Sea-Stone Sword, Cornah’s debut novel finally comes to audiobook this October and here’s the amazing trailer!

Narrated by Genevieve Sibayan, The Sea-Stone Sword is a young adult fantasy novel set on the high seas. Filled with dinosaurs, pirates, and occasionally, some jokes.

Cornah may be best known for his comedy Twitter account, The Miliverse, which imagines a parallel reality without Brexit. The account has been mentioned and recommended by Ed Miliband, the former leader of the Labour Party, and the man who nearly became Prime Minister in 2015.

On Reasons to be Cheerful

Cornah is dyslexic, and has been outspoken about the importance of audiobooks.

“I listened to audiobooks all the time, growing up. I still do, because it’s an incredibly immersive experience, as well as being the best way for my dyslexic brain to process stories. It very much gave me a sense of how orally telling stories can be very transformative and how different a story can seem when you hear it said out loud.

To finally have a book I wrote become an audiobook is a truly bizarre experience, on some levels. It’s been such an honour to work with Genevieve, who is such a brilliant talent. Utterly professional, diverse in abilities, and – most importantly – really good at voices.” – Joel Cornah

The Sea-Stone Sword tells the story of Rob Sardan, a boy who is sent away from home to live on an island of pirates and warlords. He has grown up on stories of heroes from across the sea, and dreams of one day being counted among his idols. His mother was an infamous pirate and she gained many enemies, including the terrible Pirate Lord Mothar.

Rob sets out on a quest to defeat the pirates and become a legend. But along the way, he learns the terrible cost of heroics and how the act of being a hero isn’t as glamorous  as he imagined. Even as he embarks across the forbidden waters to find the fabled Sea-Stone Sword, he comes into conflict with morality, and also pterosaurs.

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