If you ever thought that Theme Park was too dull because the attractions didn’t eat enough of the customers then this title, currently free on the Epic Games Store until Thursday 7th, might be just what you are after. This sim allows you to build your very own Jurassic Park complete with hotels, restaurants, monorails and of course T-rexs, velociraptors, and many other dangerous specimens to eat the customers once they have spent all their money. Or you could install emergency shelters, if you prefer to keep your customers alive to visit again.

This is a rather fun and absorbing sim, in which you send out expeditions to unearth dinosaur fossils from which you extract genetic material to incubate species of dinosaurs that you can then let loose in your park. Keep the dinosaurs happy and they will reward you by not eating your guests. There are several islands on which to build parks which gradually unlock as you progress through the campaign mode. The difficulty level isn’t high, but the tutorials are quite basic in most areas, so be ready to either work things out for yourself or search for tips online. Unless you dislike sims or have a fear of reptiles, this game is almost certainly worth a download. Feel free to check out the trailer above if you are interested.