About the Novella:

Humanity has reached out to the stars, an exodus of dehydrated packets waiting to be sent down to any habitable planet with water on it, to start life anew. They are watched over by an AI, programmed to find them safe haven.

Chief Engineer Mara Loganova is reconstituted early to repair a fault the AI can’t fix, only to find the ship engaged in a war against a populated world, using weapons it didn’t leave Earth with.

With the AI breaking all of its programmed rules, it becomes frighteningly clear what the ship’s new purpose is, and the true battle for the future begins…

John C Dodd works conventions, that’s what he does, that’s all he does…

Co-Area Head for Mimo for Worldcon 2019, Committee at Eastercons since 2020, Director of Dragonmeet, Front of House at UK Games Expo, RPG manager at Airecon and UK Games Expo, Director of Longcon. He enjoys building events where everyone can have a great time, and even now in times when everything is not as it once was, he still looks for ways so that others can have a good time

He’s a Swordsman, a Devotee of the Iron Church, a preacher of handwriting, and a writer of games, publishing his own RPG, Quest, in 2018. He’s been line developer of SLA Industries and has written for several different games companies, including Cubicle 7 and Modiphius Entertainment.

He also wrote a million words in 2014 and has never stopped since then, writing is what keeps him sane… You can find him on Facebook or by typing in Millionwordman into any search engine in the world.

Just Add Water will be released on the 20th of February, and is available to order here.