A very special episode of the Writers of Fantasy podcast. I spoke to Kelly Robson again, this time about her new novella, Gods, Monsters and the Lucky Peach! It’s an amazing dive into both the past and the future, filled with characters that will latch onto you long after you’ve finished reading.

Kelly talks about writing novellas and building characters and ideas over a short space of pages. We dabble with cultural and generational divides, and see how they make ripe ground for characterisation. Also, we talk a bit about Kelly’s love of ecology and water systems!

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Our previous interview with Kelly:

Kelly Robson Interview – Writers of Fantasy

Discover a shifting history of adventure as humanity clashes over whether to repair their ruined planet or luxuriate in a less tainted past.

In 2267, Earth has just begun to recover from worldwide ecological disasters. Minh is part of the generation that first moved back up to the surface of the Earth from the underground hells, to reclaim humanity’s ancestral habitat. She’s spent her entire life restoring river ecosystems, but lately the kind of long-term restoration projects Minh works on have been stalled due to the invention of time travel.

When she gets the opportunity take a team to 2000 BC to survey the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, she jumps at the chance to uncover the secrets of the shadowy think tank that controls time travel technology.

Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach is available from Tor.com Publishing.

You can find Kelly online here:


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