I’ve been busy giving the new Kingdom Hearts game a good play though. So what do I think of it? Well, feel free to read on and find out. First, I will say that I haven’t yet completed the full game so I can’t yet give a full review u here’s what I think of what I have played. Kingdom Hearts 3 excels in all the areas its predecessors did, in graphics, music, and in letting people delve into to their favourite Disney worlds, but it hasn’t really managed to fully shake the niggles its predecessors had either. The storyline is still fragmented and particularly a lot of the Disney worlds still feel drawn out. How many times can you climb to the top of a mountain just to be thrown back down it? Well, play the Frozen level and find out.

On the whole the combat is much more fluid and enjoyable than previous games but they just had to add that stupid special moves queue in which you have no choice to reorder or skip those available. This system made a particular boss fight very hard for me as during several points in the fight you have to do a certain special move within a time limit to avoid taking heavy damage. However, in most cases that special move was buried under a queue of special moves which you can’t skip or jump so I ended up taking that damage in most cases, which was highly frustrating.

However, the above are niggles and it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is an awesome and fun game which if you are a Disney fan lets you hang out with some of your favourite characters. The graphics are stunning. My favourite world, visually, so far has to be the Frozen world as the environment is just breathtaking in so many places. I would say that, so far, the Toy Story world has been my favourite to play as it had a good balance of combat, exploration and storyline, which did feel like it tied in with the main plot a little more than most other Disney worlds.

If you enjoyed the first two games then I can already tell you that you’ll love this one too and it’s well worth giving it a try. While I can’t give a full opinion right now, I can tell you that I’m having a blast playing it, right now. Once I’ve completed the game I’ll be back with more details.