They had me from the opening credits.  I loved this movie.  Excellent performances from all of the main actors.  Colin Firth as Harry Hart epitomised the old school gentleman spy.  Taron Egerton as “Eggsy” brought just enough Attack the Block attitude to make his journey to modern day gentleman-of-the-people believable.  Samuel L Jackson was almost unrecognisable as the lisping, simpering, barking mad villain, Valentine.  Whilst, the wonderful Sophia Boutella played Gazelle, his loyal assistant / bodyguard / assassin, to perfection and brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘killer legs’.

As with all good spy movies, Kingsman is based on a solid dose of speculative science and a megalomaniac’s inspired idea of how to use that science to bring about his world view.  There are the obligatory gadgets and secret bases to tickle your love of the genre.  But Kingsman, is ultimately a teen movie with extra bite.  The storyline remains tongue in cheek whilst maintaining a very sharp edge.  For me, it is Danger Mouse meets James Bond and, believe me, in my world, comparing something to Danger Mouse is a huge compliment. If you love spy movies, teen movies, movies that don’t quite follow the usual formula, movies that meld a light heart with a heart in your mouth or simply innovative weaponry then you will love Kingsman as much as I do.

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