A new trailer for Pokemon Shield and Sword was unveiled on Wednesday 16th October. The teased reveal promised new info on the forthcoming games. If you’d tuned in expecting to see evolutions of the three starter Pokemon you might have been a little disappointed. Instead the above trailer showed off new Gigantamax Pokemon – building sized versions of existing creatures. These included a huge Pikachu and Eevee for owners of each version of Let’s Go respectively. There was also a very long Meowth as an early-purchase incentive. Two old-school favourites were also included: Charizard and Butterfree. While Charizard doesn’t really need much of a boost, it’s cool to see older, less powerful Pokemon like Butterfree getting some attention.

The week before we were officially introduced to a new ‘Galarian’ form. Galarian Ponyta swaps out its fiery look for an altogether pinker style. Presumably this means there’s a Galarian Rapidash waiting in the wings, too. Despite seeming an obvious choice for a fairy type, this little horse is now psychic. The new form is unique to Pokemon Shield, so if you wanna catch it you’d better buy that version! Or trade with a friend.