Releasing SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

Lipstick Asylum

The Scream Teens are hired to raise the dead as the necro-tainment for a zombie cruise, and the eighteen-year-old animator, Cozy Coleman, is bitten by a shapeshifting she-wolf. To Cozy’s surprise, she survives and with the aid of her friends, helps the government stop a human-extinction virus from spreading. Unfortunately, Cozy uncovers a secret so haunting, that her death is only the beginning of her problems.

Published by Omnium Gatherum.


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Oware Mosaic

When villagers start dying of a strange brain virus, a seventeen-year-old forensic investigator uses a virtual reality video game called the House of Oware to help her find the killer before he strikes again.

“Once again, Nzondi creates a rich and vibrant world crackling with life. He is a brilliant writer, one readers and critics should be watching.”—Pete Nowalk, creator of How to Get Away with Murder

“If you’re looking for a story that’s daringly imaginative, Oware Mosiac will scratch that itch.”—Alma Katsu, author of The Hunger

“Nzondi’s Oware Mosaic is real Afrofuturism, speculative fiction actually set on the continent itself. This is the future of SF, and the future is looking good.”—Steven Barnes, author of Lion’s Blood

“I loved, loved, loved this novel by Nzondi! Breath-taking SF adventure!!”—Linda Addison, author of How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend

About the author

Nzondi (born July 4th, 1966) is an American urban fantasy and horror writer. His novel Oware Mosaic won the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Young Adult fiction.

Among his many short stories that were published in anthologies and print magazines, Nzondi’s short story, “Raising Mary: Frankenstein”, was nominated for 2016 horror story of the year for the 19th Annual Editors and Preditors Readers Poll. Additionally, three of his short stories were on the Horror Writers Association Reading list for the 2017 Bram Stoker Awards. 

A former Director of Education for NYC schools and the Sylvan Learning Center, the award-winning educator earned a BFA from Long Island University. Nzondi currently lives bi-coastal in New York and Los Angeles. Follow Nzondi on his social media platforms @Nzondi3 on Twitter or as Ace Antonio Hall Instagram and Facebook for news, books, updates and appearances for keynote speaking events at writing conferences.