Marvel’s Agent Carter first aired from 6th January to 24th February in 2015. It consisted of eight episodes and gained a positive critical response. This led to the second season of ten episodes which aired between 19th January to 1st March 2016.

The series follows secret agent Peggy Carter, played by Hayley Atwell in 1940s America. As an agent for the Strategic Scientific Reserve, Peggy dedicates her life to saving the world from atomic threats and other unnatural phenomena.

Peggy is a determined, intelligent, witty, caring, selfless, sassy character who doesn’t take any rubbish from people. If she believes someone is committing injustice, she is on their case until she proves their intentions. This is what made her so admired and loved by fans of the show. She is an inspiration for women not just in her own time period but for every woman and man from every generation.

Carter is On The Case

Peggy’s friendships with Jarvis and Howard were fine examples of equality among friends. They both respected and admired Carter for her selflessness and commitment to protecting the country and its people.

As Peggy moved on from Captain America and left New York, she found new friends and enemies in Los Angeles in the second season. She continues to have to deal with oppressive sexism but it isn’t central to the themes of the season.

There is zero matter, falling in love with Daniel Sousa and rambunctious flirting to deal with that takes Peggy into some tough areas. Jarvis blames her for his wife, Ana, being shot and Dottie, played by Bridget Regan makes Peggy face truths she would rather not hear.

Why Did it Have to Go?

With all of this awesomeness, why did the series end after the second season? Unfortunately, it all comes down to ratings. Agent Carter’s viewership gradually decreased throughout the first and second season which led to its cancellation.

But, that is not to say Peggy’s adventures can’t continue in another form. Buffy and Angel continue in comic form and ‘The Librarians’ have their own novels that run with the TV series. There is a possibility that we may never get to see more Peggy but we can never give up hope. That’s what drives us and keeps us moving forward.

If there’s one thing we learn from Agent Carter, it’s to never let anyone stop us from being who we are. To always keep fighting for what we believe is right and to never let those who look down on us to dictate what we can achieve. Go, Peggy!!