Luna Novella is an SFF novella series by Luna Press Publishing. It started in 2021 with the first six novellas, reigniting the interest of many in this type of short format, not always viable for larger publishers โ€“ and another reason why small and independent presses are awesome and precious.

The first set featured Joanna Corrance (Science Fiction), John Dodd (Science Fiction), Andrew Wallace (Fantasy), Dilman Dial (Fantasy), Terry Grimwood (Horror) and ME Rodman (Steampunk).

In 2022 Luna Press released a second set, 7-12, featuring DJ Daniels (Dark Fantasy), Nina Oram (Dark Fantasy), Tiffany Jimenez (Magical Realism), Russell Hemmell (Historical Horror), Or Luca (Magical Realism) and Rhiannon A Grist (Folk Horror).

The third set, as well as being equally pleasing to the eyes as the previous ones, features Eugen Bacon (Fantasy), Andrew Knighton (Fantasy), Abigail F Taylor (Horror), Jess Hyslop (Fantasy), LK Kitney (Fantasy) and Chloe Smith (Science Fiction).

The series has helped discover new authors as well as showcase the work of established ones.

Pre-orders are now open on the publisherโ€™s website, and on the usual retailers โ€“ where you will also find the ebook. Release day is the 7th of February 2023.

On Luna Press YouTube channel there will be a book launch, premiered on January 26th.