Earlier this week our article on Borderlands 3 welcomed the return of split-screen multiplayer and couch co-op play. If you can’t wait for Borderlands 3‘s September release to force your friends into your living room then fear not! Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is out today on the Nintendo Switch, with a whole host of online and offline multiplayer modes.

As Switch gamers will have come to expect, multiplayer seems to be a core focus of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The game supports up to 4 players. Not only is this true for local co-op, but you can also join friends online. When you are in the same room, though, you still have options. If your friends each have a copy of the game they you can each play on your own console. And if they don’t? Just pass the joy-cons round and up to 4 people can work together!

Enough Characters for Everyone!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has cleverly chosen a wide-range of characters to draw on. Some of the most recognizable faces are from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-man are going to be immediately familiar to even a casual movie fan. There’s also a nice influence from the comics visible in some characters design. Wolverine, for instance, has stuck with his yellow comic book suit. Hawkeye has opted for one of his modern redesigns, balancing his original outlandish suit with Jeremy Renner’s leather look. There’s even some lesser known characters for fans to enjoy, such as the monster-hunting Elsa Bloodstone.

With 36 different characters to play as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 should offer a lot of variety. Even with 4 players there should be good arguments over the ‘good’ characters – you’re spoiled for choice! Its great to see weighty local co-operative experiences like this, and Borderlands 3, still making their way to consoles. We all like to play over the internet sometimes, but its nice to know local co-op isn’t going anywhere.