Born Down Under in the 70’s, O’Loughlin, leading man of the vampire detective series Moonlight, is a big fan of the genre (quoted on IMDB), sadly however, he made few appearances in it. Since he is a great actor nonetheless, let’s take a look at his work. Who knows? Maybe he’ll have a comeback amongst the fangs.

Hawaii Five-0

This show, not to be confused with the 70’s original Hawaii Five-O, is a remake of said police drama and set on beautiful Hawaii. Where we would usually think “vacation”, we are now made to think of it as “bloody murder”. If you are feeling nostalgic, then this series is for you. With the show now being in it’s fifth season, it is fair to assume that people around the globe probably like it! Mr. O’Loughlin plays the leading character, Steve McGarrett, who just so happens to lead the team of investigators.

The Back-up Plan

Once more in a leading role, Alex shows us that he is quite capable of acting in a movie romance. Remember the song “Ironic”? Well, this movie is all about that: imagine artificial insemination for lack of the right guy – and as soon as that happens successfully, you find Mr. Right. Good luck sorting that one out!

August Rush

Again, for the romantics amongst you folks, this movie is about a little boy, a gifted musician, trying to find his parents. Sadly, Alex only gets to play the small part of the uncle, but he movie is well worth watching.


Ah, this one is for the darker movie-lovers. A thriller about an investigation of a website, its webmaster – played by O’Loughlin, who is feeding women into obesity and beyond – and what eventually happens to these women. Warning: this thriller is certainly not for the faint of heart. Watch with care.

Oyster Farmer

Alex’s big screen première. His character, Jack, robs a bank van to help out his sister in a time of need, and has to come up with a plan on how to keep the money and not get caught. In doing so, he has to blend in amongst local folk, pretending to be an oyster farmer. It’s romance, it’s drama, it’s comedy – all rolled into one!

Did you know?

Our dear Alex was amongst the candidates to play James Bond after Pierce Brosnan stepped down. Which kind of makes me wonder what a cross-breed between Mick St. John and James Bond would look like…