Olga is a Seattle-based, self-taught artist. I found her beautiful SciFi-Art when I was looking for something entirely different on the web, but I was immediately hooked.
Olga creates amazing portraits with a lot of love for detail. My favourite collections are – of course – Star Trek and the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. Of course I was curious to get to know her better, so meet Olga in this short interview.

DG: Hello Olga, it’s great to meet you. You create awesome portraits. Why did you choose Star Trek Characters?
OS: Thank you! Last summer I was pregnant and stuck at home, so my husband suggested we watch Star Trek: TNG (he has seen all the series and thought I’d like that one). I generally didn’t care for sci-fi so I was skeptical at first, but after the first few episodes I was hooked, and we watched an episode almost every night – we finished TNG series a few months ago and are currently watching The Voyager.

DG: Which is your favourite series?
OS: I am three seasons into Voyager, and have not seen the other series besides TNG, so It is hard to choose a favorite between the two. When I first began watching The Voyager I was sure that I liked TNG better, but I am really warming up to Captain Janeway…at this point if I had to choose, it would still be TNG.

DG: Most portraits are from “Next Generation”. Do you plan to portray characters from another series as well? If yes which one?
OS: Yes! I recently painted a portrait of Captain Janeway. I plan to paint some of the other characters as well; Tuvok, Neelix and the Doctor are some of my favorites.

DG: Did you enjoy watching Star Trek? Are you a fan?
OS: Yes, I love it! Still watching an episode almost every night; it has become a tradition 🙂

DG: Do you have a favourite episode? And if yes, which one?
OS: My favorite episode is from TNG, Season 5 Episode 25 (“The Inner Light”)

DG: Do you plan on having a show on a SciFi Convention? It’d be great to see your art life!
OS: Maybe someday!

DG: Which of your collections did you enjoy creating most? Which was the most challenging?
OS: I really enjoyed painting the characters from TNG. The color portrait of Captain Picard was the most challenging; since I was fairly new to watercolors at the time, the skin tones in that portrait were particularly difficult for me.

DG: Thank you a lot for this interview. It was a pleasure to meet you.

To see more of Olga’s gorgeous art you can visit Olechka Design or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.