Dearest readers,

Merry Christmas to you all from the SFFN crew!

The way you continue to followย the SFFN has been amazing, and not just in terms of online views, but also in the way you interact with us at conventions or via email. You showed us that you care and you have no idea how important that is for us. We are all volunteers, and we do this because we love Fantasy and Science Fiction. We love writing, networking and meeting like-minded people from all over the world! Your support and readership is what allows us to keep doing what we do. Thank you!

Our fabulous editors, Joel Cornah (Doctor Who Editor), Rostislav Kurka (Star Wars Editor) Katie Alford (Gaming Editor) and Matt Croft (Retro Editor). We are always looking for new editors who can commit to one article a week for the SFFN. We are a nice bunch to work with โ€“ I promise!

A big thank you to our amazing NetCons around the world, who send us their stories, articles and interviews, making the SFFN the original, eclectic pot of Fantasy and SF that it is. Please keep it up and grow with us!

And as always, a huge thank you to the people who support us along this journey: Jay Johnstone, Claire Leonard and Dee Lunn โ€“ we couldnโ€™t have done this without you.

May this festive season bring you joy and peace!