Writer and producer William J Meyer has just released a new trailer for his fantasy novel, Fire On The Mound.

Now, what is unusual about this project is that it’s a free, serialised audiobook, released as a podcast. Each episode uses vocal performance, sound effects, and an original score to tell its story, and was awarded the 2014 Parsec Award for Best Speculative Fiction Story (Long Form).

Meyer has created a compelling story, read artfully by Steve Rudolph and elevated further by the score composed by William Seegers. I enjoyed exploring the website developed by Eric Bjella, as it reminded me of RPG Inventory screens, which are one of the aspects I love the most in a game. On the site you will find the prologue, the individual episodes, a map and a list of the main characters.

It seems that these days artists produce a fair amount of work free of charge, perhaps as a result of the increased competition created by the digital revolution. The role of us private citizens is becoming ever more important in funding small enterprises, ranging from businesses to art. Which is why you can support William’s hard work through his Patron page.

Take a look at the beautiful art gallery (images created by Meyer) before watching the trailer below, artwork for and from the trailer is by Brian Ellis, who has done concept work for Lego and Hasbro among others – you won’t be disappointed.

Fire on the Mound – Trailer: Promises from William J. Meyer on Vimeo.