On September 9th Monster Hunter World will be getting an expansion, Iceborne. In order to play Iceborne, players must either already own the main game or purchase the bundle containing both the main game and DLC. Iceborne will add a whole new region called Hoarfrost Reach. This cold, snow covered landscape is completely unexplored so it’s down to you to discover what new creatures and monsters call the region home. There will also be an all new campaign and storyline.

There will also be some changes to weapons and combat. The slinger will be able to be used with all weapons and a new addition the clutch claw which can be used to grapple onto monsters which will add a variety of new moves across the weapon types. Several new monsters to hunt have already been announced with some new and some returning from previous Monster Hunter instalments.





Some of these seem to appear not in the new area but in the existing areas of the main game hinting that the expansion will do more than just add a new area and will like change the monsters inhabiting the existing regions as well. For those who enjoyed the main game, this upcoming expansion looks like a must buy when it releases in September.