Murmured in Dreams by Stephen Bacon is the third book in The Harvester Series. All the books in this series will include excellent stories from the past and some brand new ones, along with special bonus material. For Murmured in Dreams, Stephen has included personal reflections for each of the stories. Ben Baldwin is the man behind the cover. Visit Ben’s website for more art. 1. Murmured in Dreams will enter pre-order on the 2nd of April 2019 – so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive an extra discount on the already discounted pre-order price. 2. The official release date is Tuesday 7th of May 2019. 3. The launch party will be held at Fantasycon 2019, and we really hope to see you there! A word from Stephen on his collection:

“I’m extremely excited to be working with such a dynamic new publisher like Luna Press, and thrilled that my second collection, Murmured in Dreams, will be released as part of the Harvester series. The stories contained in this book will include both originals and reprints that first appeared in such outlets as Black Static, Cemetery Dance, Shadows & Tall Trees, and Postscripts. Several of the stories were subsequently chosen by Ellen Datlow for her Best Horror of the Year series, although it’s fair to say they straddle all of the branches of speculative genre – horror, science fiction, fantasy and crime.These stories will hopefully take you to new worlds, or to areas of the planet that perhaps you wouldn’t want to visit, or to encounter characters you might not necessarily want to meet.”