For those of you looking for the perfect 2018 wall calendar, look no further. At the end of 2016 I posted about the late, great Sir Simon Marsden’s fabulous photography. For those of you who missed it, check out the original article here.

I had an email from The Marsden Archive a few weeks ago letting me know their 2018 calendar was available, but I held off on posting about it until this week for two reasons. One, I was busy covering the new Star Trek Discovery series as every new episode aired each week, and two, Friday 1st December would have been Simon’s 69th birthday.

It seemed fitting to hold off and mark the occasion.

Simon’s photography has a beautiful mystery to it and a decidedly Gothic cant, making it perfect for anyone interested in the supernatural.

So, here’s a huge (slightly belated!) Happy Birthday for Simon, from all of us here at Sci-Fi Fantasy Network! Check out the links below to get your hands on a copy of this gorgeous calendar…

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