Microsoft have announced that a new Fable game is finally on the way. As the franchise’s development studio, Lionhead, was shut down years ago, this new title is being developed by Playground Games, the studio behind the Forza Horizon racing games. The announcement trailer doesn’t give much away. The new game is currently just titled “Fable” and not Fable 4, so it looks likely that this will be a reboot and not a sequel. The new game looks to return to a fantasy style, rather than the Steampunk setting of the previous title, Fable 3, which some fans weren’t so keen on.

As with previous entries the new game will be an open world RPG. There’s no sign of demonic, fire breathing chickens in the announcement trailer, but there is a sense of humour which gives hope that the franchise’s characteristic humour will make the jump between studios. No release date has currently been announced and while some are speculating that it may hit shelves before Christmas, along with the launch of the new console, a 2021 release seems more likely. So, there’s no need to chicken proof your front room, just yet. Feel free to check out the announcement trailer above if you’re interested.