The next gen consoles may be out now and delivering AAA joy to many console gamers, but let’s not forget the Indie developers release their cherished projects in the shadow of the console giants. Below are a few titles newly released or hitting steam soon:

Breaking Gates – 17 November 2020 – Early Access

This 2D action RPG has just released into early access on Steam. You can battle and explore your way through its charming animated world. It has a fun combat system with many new abilities to unlock. With the game in early access there is yet more content still in the works so the game will only get even better. For more information you can visit the Steam page here.

Crumble – 4 December 2020

This physics platformer is due to release soon and while you may have to wait a few weeks to get access to the full title but the demo is available now for all those who can’t wait to give it a try. The full game will include a campaign mode and a multiplayer party mode, for those who like gaming with friends. Early feedback is looking for this title with many enjoying the demo. If you would like to know more or try out the demo yourself then you can visit the Steam page here.

ReRoad – 18 November 2020 – Early Access

A new tower defence game where the you build the path to the towers which you then defend from waves of enemies. The game has just released in early access and the need to build a route and then mount a defence along it is a nice original touch. The feedback so far is positive so if you are a fan of tower defence games you might want to check out this titles Steam page here.