The run up to the next Pokemon games continues to drip feed us new creatures. This week we were introduced to the newest Pokemon you can nab in the next game. Unlike many of the monsters we’ve seen unveiled since Sword and Shield’s announcement, this latest Pokemon is an evolution of an old favourite: Fartfetch’d.

Farfetch’d comes from the very first generation of Pokemon; one of the oldest around. The premise also showed GameFreak’s dark sense of humour. Farfetch’d is a duck that carries his a spring onion; a meal on two legs. Wielding the weapon like a sword, though, there’s some cool about Farfetch’d. If nothing else its certainly a memorable creation. With this newest Pokemon we’re seeing a much more intense side to this little duck.

Sirfetch’d is immediately recognizable as a relation of Farfetch’d. The adorable tuft on its head, the distinct eyebrow, its all still there. Oh, and of course it’s still a master of vegetable based combat. This time the stalk is on a whole other level, towering over his little feathery body. The biggest surprise is perhaps Sirfetch’d typing: pure fighting. Farfetch’d was normal/flying – hardly a powerful combo, but the loss of both elements really seems like it’d reduce Sirfetch’d move pool. Sirfetch’d doesn’t look like it could get off the ground, so not being flying makes sense. Plus Hawlucha has the fighting/flying combination pretty much covered. We’ll have to wait for Pokemon Sword to be released to see if Sirfetch’d is a contender, or just a novelty.

Earlier in the month a Nintendo Direct gave us two new Pokemon and they were a bit of a mixed bag. The arrival of Sirfetch’d is only somewhat comforting. Its great we didn’t have to wait for a direct to get another new Pokemon – hopefully that means there’s still a fair few more waiting in the wings. On the other hand, Sirfetch’d’s design is not quite as good as the concept behind it. Its main changes seem to be size of its weapon. The idea of a Pokemon with a lance jousting in battle sounds great, but like many of these new designs it seems a little forced for its ‘British’ setting. Polteageist, the haunted teapot, is still the worst offender here. Hopefully the evolutions of the three starters do not disappoint when they’re finally revealed.