Doctor Who star Niky Wardley has suggested that she will be reuniting with Catherine Tate at Big Finish soon. Niky, famous for her role as Tamsin Drew (companion to the 8th Doctor) said she was looking forward to working with Tate (Donna Noble) once again, during an exclusive interview with the Scififantasy Network.

Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble

Speaking to us at Big Finish Day 8, hosted by 10th Planet Events, she told us to expect a ‘little’ reunion between herself and Catherine Tate, now that she has joined up with Big Finish for audio dramas.

One of Niky’s first professional acting jobs, was in a play alongside Catherine Tate in an RSC production, and later the pair teamed up again in The Catherine Tate Show. Niky has gone on to become Tamsin Drew, a popular and much loved companion to Paul McGann’s 8th Doctor in the audio adventures, while Catherine went on to become Donna Noble, companion to David Tennant’s 10th.

Catherine Tate’s first outing on Big Finish in the Tenth Doctor Adventures will be available from May this year and the two are expected to bump into each other during one of these stories.

Stay tuned for the full interview with Niky Wardley here on SFFN in a couple of weeks.