Claire Powell is ready to take on another year of press and PR for one of the fastest-growing cons in the UK. The fans have welcomed the announcement about the hotel and are eagerly waiting for more. As always, we at the SFFN will keep you right, delivering the latest as they come.

Nine Worlds Geekfest, the unconventional residential convention, continues to expand, following three successful years based at Heathrow.

The inaugural Nine Worlds Geekfest took place in August 2013. Innovative and ground breaking, it brought together a plethora of strands, from the more typical sci-fi content featuring comics, gaming, literature and film, to Queer Fandom, Steampunk, Geek Feminism and Bronies. More recent additions include Food Geekery, Whedon, Podcasting, Future Tech, Race and Culture, Anime, Apocalypse, History, Religion, Star Trek, Supernatural and Tolkien.

In line with Nine Worlds Geekfest’s policy, the 2016 programme will be both inclusive and interactive, with diverse programming and guests from all over the world, for audiences of all ages and interests.

This year’s Nine Worlds will take place at the Novotel London West, a large conference hotel in central Hammersmith with room for 3,000 attendees, from 12th to 14th August. We’ll be running around 300 programme items covering all aspects of modern geekery. There is going to be a full expo running alongside Nine Worlds, to which convention tickets include entry, with room for 60 vendors plus bar and social space. We’ll announce more details and open expo sales in the coming months.

The hotel is in one of London’s major leisure and commercial centres. It is easily reachable by both public and private transport. In addition to our onsite facilities, there are numerous eating, drinking, and boarding establishments in the immediate area.

As well as the venue’s bars, cafes, restaurants, and terraces, we’ll have a mix of content and social spaces both large and small, a main hall for big events, and an exhibition hall.

Benefits of the new location compared to Nine World’s previous venue at Heathrow:

  • It’s actually in London! – The Central London location makes it easier for many attendees to reach.
  • More space to chill – There is a lot of social space to relax in outside of sessions, including outdoor terraces on both sides of the hotel.
  • Fancy ballroom – There’s a dedicated hall for keynote panels, performances and shows of truly epic dimensions.
  • No getting lost, and less queuing – The building layout is easy to navigate, and corridors and open spaces can handle heavy traffic. We’ve modelled capacity and it’s going to be a lot less crowded and more comfortable.
  • Friendly staff – They’ve worked with the hotel staff to consider all aspects of the convention in detail and are confident in both their, and our, planning for, and commitment to, this year’s event.
  • Food and drink – The venue is taking account of the diversity of attendee requirements, and will be selling reasonably priced snacks, light food, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Expo hall – Oh look. A large, self-contained exhibition hall.