The first trailer unveiled during this week’s Indie World presentation was Sports Story. You might immediately recognize it as a sequel to Golf Story – an indie gem that earned a cult fan-base. Combing sports with the RPG/adventure game formula it presents a very enjoyable package. Looking at the trailer there’s no reason not to think the sequel won’t be just as good as the first game – if not better.

One of the stand-out titles was SuperMash. A game that combines other games…to make games. By ‘mashing’ two genres together the game procedurally generates games you can play, and share with your friends through codes. Completing them earns you options to hone the randomness to your liking. Its a powerful concept, but only once its out will we know how much it delivered. Even if its limited, this could be a short, fun and memorable experience.

Sailing and naval combat has had something of a renaissance since The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was railed on for its excessive boatliness. Against the likes of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and Sea of Thieves, Sail Forth, another title unveiled during the Indie World presentation, looks like a pretty simple experience. Like SuperMash, it relies on procedural generation to ensure a unique experience for every player. Also like SuperMash there’s some serious caveats here as to what the final product may play like. But, its such a relaxing and beautiful looking game in this trailer its deserving of attention.

Many indie games resurrect seemingly forgotten genres. There are others which have bold, compelling and weird ideas. Boyfriend Dungeon is definitely the latter. Rather than buy weapons from any old merchant the game has you date them. It looks like a fantastic RPG and dating-sim hybrid. With a concept like that expect to hear more about this one. I’d also really like to know if Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was an inspiration.

The Survivalists was another of the strong contenders for your money from the Indie World showcase. It looks to be playing to the Switch’s strengths. A simple, engaging, co-operative experience. It also doesn’t look like it takes itself too seriously. Plus, it features a lot of monkeys.