[Doctorin’ The TARDIS]

Doctor Who and music have a very close relationship and a fairly long history. The show itself has broken boundaries and shocked audiences with what can be achieved through soundtrack alone. LPs of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s music flew off the shelves, and now Murray Gold’s crisp, full orchestral symphonies are on just about every pocket music device and music library across the country.

For the next few weeks we will be exploring some of the wide range of songs and musical experiences that have come out of Doctor Who. This is not including the actual soundtrack of the show, however, but rather songs that have been inspired by the show. These range from parody to legitimate chart toppers. There are songs by famous bands, songs by bands you’ve probably never heard of, songs by fans, and yes, even songs by the Doctor himself.

So, sit back and enjoy the sounds of our first entry, Doctorin’ The TARDIS by The Timelords

Very much a mash-up of 80s hits, this song has been a staple of Doctor Who fandom for years. If you managed to see the 40th Anniversary special documentary night on the BBC, you will have heard this countless times.

Critics were not impressed, but the public seemed to love it. So much so that it topped the UK singles chart in June 1988. It also did well abroad, with Australia and New Zealand also putting it in their top tens.

The following year, the band released a book, The Manual (How to have a number one the easy way), in which they describe the logistics of the record’s success. The lack of follow-up success may bring into question the legitimacy of the advice.

Criticized as a joke, an ironic jab at novelty records in general, and widely dismissed as a reworking of old tunes (which, let’s be fair, is exactly what it is), the song isn’t exactly high art, perhaps. That doesn’t stop it from being tremendous fun, and the sort of thing that will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.