Nominated for a Gemmell Award, for his debut Fantasy Adventure novel One Cog Turning, Anthony Laken returns in 2019 with On Dark Horizons, book 2 of The Infinity Machine trilogy. You can now pre-order the book through the usual channels. The book will be out on the 3rd of December. AND, if you pre-order in the Luna store, you have the option of getting One Cog Turning, book I, at half price! Just choose the bundle option. The cover art is from the talented Jay Johnstone. “Writing a story is hard. Writing a trilogy, or series, is even harder. You must stay true to our characters while not allowing them to run roughshod, be flexible enough to follow sparks of imagination that may lead you to strange new places and pay attention to continuity, because, as we all know the internet was created for pointing out continuity errors! On Dark Horizons, the second novel in my Infinity Machine trilogy, had a tricky birth. In fact a whole alternate book, all ninety thousand words of it, was jettisoned, with only a few skeletal remains surviving. It was tough to let go but what emerged is, in my humble opinion, a much better story. So what can you expect dear reader? Action, adventure, derring-do, characters growing, struggling? Will we learn more about the mages? More of the worlds lost history? The answer is yes. All of this of course…plus a dash of Steampunk mechs for good measure. As always I would love to thank the magnificent people at Luna for helping me realise a dream and getting me started on the wild road of being a published author. So with that said, get your pre-orders in, buckle up and get ready for fireworks because it’s always darkest before the dawn.” After the events of the previous weeks, which led to the decimation of an entire city, Lady Bellina Ressa must return to the man she once called father, with more questions than answers. The most powerful cognopath of the Estrian Empire is now trapped in a game of political strategies and power struggles, unsure of who to trust. They made her do it. They removed her restraint. They turned her into Death. And now Death is coming for them.