As part of our Writers of Fantasy series, I got to sit down with Pete Sutton. He’s had stuff published, online and in book form, including a short story collection called A Tiding of Magpies. His new book Sick City Syndrome is coming soon from Kensington Gore and we got to talk a bit about that.

He wrote all about Fishponds for the Naked Guide to Bristol and has made more money from non-fiction than he has from fiction and wonders if that means the gods of publishing are trying to tell him something. Pete is a member of the North Bristol Writers.

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Gemma X Todd

This week’s Writers of Sci-Fi interview is with Gemma X Todd. She is an author, Mobile Librarian and LEGO enthusiast! Her new books, The Voices series, begins with Defender, which comes out in January 2017! So be on the lookout!

As a librarian and all round cool person, she has plenty of unique perspectives on the state of sci-fi and fantasy in the book world. Check it out!

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Steven Poore Interview – The High King’s Vengeance

This week’s Writers of Fantasy Interview is with British Fantasy award nominated Steven Poore, whose new book – The High King’s Vengeance – came out at Fantasy Con this year. His novel, Heir to the North, was nominated for best novel at this years British Fantasy Awards. We talked a bit about that, a bit about his life as a writer, and how he develops his characters. Check it out!

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“Alien is a big old puppet show” says Kowal. She talks the Glamourist Histories, theatre and more. Mary Robinette Kowal interview for writers of fantasy.

Mary Robinette Kowal is a multi-award winning author, best known for the Glamourist Histories series, as well as being a professional puppeteer. She talks about her writing process, about puppetree, and how even some of your favourite sci-fi movies, like Alien, are big old puppet shows.

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This week’s Writers of Fantasy Interview is with RJ Barker, who talks to us exclusively about his debut fantasy trilogy, Age of Assassins! I met RJ at FantasyCon by the Sea earlier this year and knew right from the get go that this is an author who is going places, so we’ve nabbed an exclusive with an author you should deffinately look out for.

If you’re an aspiring author yourself, this interview also touches on the writing process and beyond! Check it out!

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Juliet E McKenna Interview

This week’s interview on Writers of Fantasy is with Juliet E McKenna, author of The Tales of Einarinn, The Aldabreshin Compass, The Hadrumal Crisis and the upcoming Shadow Histories of the River Kingdom, launching at BristolCon this October!

Juliet is an incredibly thoughtful and talented writer with countless books under her belt. We talk about the changing landscape of fantasy fiction, the rise of eBooks, politics, feminism, Doctor Who, and good old fashioned writers’ advice.

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