While the PS5 released in some countries including US and Japan on 12 November, most countries, including all of Europe, will be waiting until Thursday 19 November to get their hands on the new console. Its competitor the Xbox Series X was released on 10 November worldwide with Microsoft reporting it as their biggest console launch in the UK.

If you haven’t secured your next gen console or pre order yet then you’ll likely be out of luck, as both consoles have sold out. However, both Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that they are working hard to get consoles into the hands of as many waiting gamers as possible. So if you are still looking to secure one then the advice is to keep checking in with your local retailers. If you would like a reminder of the launch titles on offer for both consoles then you can click here for my launch day exclusives list.

The PS5 is available for £449 for the Standard Edition and £349 for the Digital Edition whereas the Xbox Series X is available for £449 and the Xbox Series S is available for £249 which is Microsoft’s digital only console. It’s still too early to call which console will take the early lead, with the PS5 still awaiting its release in many countries, but with many reviewers and gamers stating that the Xbox Series launch titles are lacking, the PS5 seems to have the greater appeal for early adopters.

For those who are interested to know which console I went for then the answer is neither. I spent my money on a new gaming PC instead, as the Xbox Series X exclusives will also be released for PC. However, I will be picking up a PS5 sometime next year when more titles are available.