Sony have announced the August line up of Playstation Plus titles available now, for free, for all those with PS Plus. Are they worth your hard drive space? Well, take a look at the trailers below to find out.

Mafia 3 – PS4

An action adventure game first released in 2016. The game follows Lincoln Clay in his bid to build a new crime organisation to wipe out the Italian Mafia who murdered his adoptive family. The game is set in the open world fictional city of New Bourdeaux, based on New Orleans leaving the player free to explore. Gameplay is centred around heists involving shooting, driving and stealth. The game’s storyline and characters were well received at launch, but there were some complaints directed at the gameplay mechanics and some early technical issues.

Dead by Daylight – PS4

An asymmetric survival horror game where one player will control the killer and up to four players can control the survivors. The aim of the game as a survivor is to escape the chosen map without being caught by the killer and the aim of killer is to kill all players before they can escape. There are multiple maps, survivor characters and killer characters to choose from and more is still being released to date through paid DLC.

Reviews on launch were mixed with some reviews noting that the concept while executed to a decent standard it fails to really blow the player away. It seems to be a solid title, worth a play if you have PS Plus and can download for free.

Here They Lie – PSVR

A PSVR psychological horror game, released in 2016. They player has to sneak through increasingly surreal environments to discover the meaning of their existence. Reception was mediocre, mainly with complaints that the title tries too hard, and fails to properly blend its surreal environments with  it’s attempts at scares, often cheap jump scares.

However, in my experience, VR titles have often been judged more harshly than traditional titles. Player feedback would indicate that this title is worth the download, if you have PS Plus and a PSVR ready to go, but not a title to go out of your way for.

Other titles available during the month of August are listed below:

Bound by Flame – PS3

Serious Sam 3 BFE – PS3

Draw Slasher – PS Vita

Space Hulk – PS Vita

Knowledge is Power – PS4