This month’s free games have been revealed as Wipeout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4:

Wipeout Omega Collection

Wipeout Omega Collection is a collection of three HD remasters of the classic Wipeout games. This collection includes full VR compatibility which has one of the best implementations of VR in a racing game, to date. If you loved Wipeout on the PSone then these remasters have all the same action and handling with drastically updated graphics. If you already have a PSVR then this game is a must to download. Although, if you suffer from motion sickness then you might want to take it easy, as it is pretty hardcore in terms of movement and the comfort settings will only grant a limited amount of relief. If you want to know more then feel free to check out the trailer above or my VR review below.

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is a third-person tactical stealth shooter game. The aim is to explore the maps and find the perfect vantage point from which to snipe targets without being seen. It includes online co-op so you can team up with friends and a 12 player multiplayer mode. If you want to know more then feel free to check out the gameplay trailer above.