Niantic recently added a new event, the equinox event, which started on the 22nd September and will continue until 2nd October. During this period, double stardust will be granted for catching and hatching pokemon along with triple XP for registering new pokemon, if you happen have any holes left in your pokedex to fill.

New pokemon have also been confirmed in 2km eggs for the duration of the event, these include but are not limited to the following pokemon:




The only one I can currently confirm is Chansey as despite clearing all nine of my egg slots, so far, this event, I’ve only received one 2km egg which hatched into the aforementioned Chansey. Bizarrely, I’ve also received four 10km eggs which is a bit annoying as the only pokemon I need from 10km eggs, now, is Mareep which is reportedly currently in 2km eggs. After my earlier bad luck with the legendary bird catching, I’m starting to think that my app is cursed.

New super incubators have been added to the shop for the duration of the event but are only available from the special event boxes. Each box offers the following:

Special Box –  3 Super Incubators, 5 Lure Modules

Great Box – 5 Super Incubators, 4 Lucky Eggs, 10 Lure Modules

Ultra Box – 8 Super Incubators, 8 Lucky Eggs, 15 Lure Modules

It’s also worth noting that the legendary dogs are still touring the world and will be swapping to their new locations on the 30th September, so if you’ve yet to get your hands on Entei then time is running short. Add him to your pokedex now and you’ll even get triple XP for it. Happy catching and hatching to all.