Pokemon Legends: Arceus, an action role playing version of the usually turn based Pokémon games, is out now. Early reviews have been good and the title is already reported to be the fourth best selling title of the series. The game is a prequal of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games, set in the same region but long before the timeline of Diamond and Pearl; back when the region was called Hisui and not Sinnoh, and when pokeballs were made of wood.

In this game as well as battling Pokémon, you can also sneak up and capture them without battles. The aim of the game is to complete the regions first ever pokedex. 268 pokemon are available to battle and capture, but very few are new species for this title. Even the starters are a collection of three species from previous games: Rowlet, Cyndaquill and Oshawott. If you enjoyed previous Pokémon games but got tired of the restrictive turn based formula then this title might just be for you. Feel free to check out the trailer above for more details.