Pokémon Masters, the latest Pokémon mobile-phone spin-off, is drawing close. After the phenomenal launch of Pokémon Go you haven’t had to look too far for a Pokémon mobile game. Who can forget such classics as Magikarp Jump and Pokémon Duel? Pokémon Quest is a better offering, particularly as a game you can download for free on your Switch, but it didn’t exactly set the world on fire. Pokémon Masters looks it it might fare a little better.

Pre-registration for Pokémon Masters has been live on App stores for a while. The big news this week was that currently there are 5 million people already registered. That’s 5 million people all eagerly waiting to play. The game is already being tested in a couple of territories around the world. The rest of us will have to wait for the listed release date of the 29th of August. For now you can feast your eyes on the official website to learn about the story, system, and battling for this new game.

Pokémon Trainers In the Spotlight

In a lot of ways Pokémon Masters is the most exciting Pokémon release this year. It focuses on an aspect of the world often over-looked, even by the core games in the series. The trainers themselves. What’s immediately eye-catching is how prominent Red is in the promotional art. Red is the canon version of your character from the first Pokémon game. Often unfairly overshadowed by Ash Ketchum, Red shows up from time to time in the games – usually as a post-game challenge. However, Red is basically invisible outside of the games. The merchandise is largely devoted to the adorable critters themselves or the TV show. Even Super Smash Bros calls Red ‘Pokémon Trainer’. Pokémon is represented everywhere else on the Smash Bros roster by popular monsters, with nary a human character in sight. As much as the Pokémon themselves are the stars of the show, its nice to see some love being thrown toward the player-characters and gym leaders the series.