The next titles in the main series of Pokémon Games, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet,  have been announced for release on 18 November 2022. The new titles will bring a host of new Pokémon and bring the main games to a fully open world format for the first time. Instead of one main storyline that dictates your progress through the in game world, players will have a choice of three main quest chains to follow, in whichever order they choose.

The new titles will add a new gameplay mechanic called Terastallizing which makes Pokémon shine like gems and can also change their type. With how useful duel type Pokémon have proven in previous games, this inclusion of rare Pokémon with different Terastallize types could give players some much needed incentive to capture more of each species, beyond the search for that elusive shiny Pokémon. Raids will return from the previous titles and players will also be able to co-op with up to three other players in the open world.

Whether these titles prove to be the shake up many feel the franchise needs remains to be seen. However, the addition of an open world format does at least appear to be a step in the right direction. For more information, feel free to check out the trailers above.