Pokémon – Happy Meal McDonald’s UK

McDonald’s UK Restaurants are currently including Pokémon toys with their Happy Meals. So if you’re a fan of the cartoon, the video games, or are still nursing a serious Pokémon Go addiction it might be worth checking them out. Besides, what better way is there to kick off 2018 than by indulging in some fast food intended for children?

Pokémon – Happy Meal McDonald’s UK

The promotion started on Jan 3rd and runs until February 6th. There are a variety of 4 different characters on offer for each week of the promotion, making for a total of 16 – so if you’ve set your sights on catching them all then be prepared to eat a lot of Happy Meals! The toys seem to draw widely from the entire Pokémon series, with a mixture of ‘mon from across the generations, though, naturally, they’re mostly starters and other cute, popular characters from the cartoon series. As a bonus, the toys also come packaged with an official trading card for the trading card game. Pokémon certainly is not lacking in merchandise at the moment as the brand is still enjoying its sudden resurgence in popularity following Pokémon Go, but these figures seem pretty decent and affordable alternative to anything you’d find in a toy shop. If fast food is not your thing, or if you’re trying veganuary, but you still want a plastic Squirtle to play with in the bath it is worth noting you can buy the toys separately.

The breakdown of when you can ‘catch’ each Pokémon is as follows:

Week 1 (3rd – 9th Jan)- Pikachu, Torchic, Squirtle, Popplio

Week 2 (10th – 16th Jan)- Piplup, Litten, Rowlett, Scraggy

Week 3 (17th – 23rd Jan)- Psyduck, Magikarp, Totodile, Meowth

Week 4 (24th – 30th Jan) – Snivy, Eevee, Dedenne, Fennekin

Week 5 (31st Jan – 6th Feb) – is listed as having ‘All Toys Available’, though we’d advise taking this cautiously as it probably means ‘Whatever is Left Over’