This month marks PS Plus’ 10th anniversary and as a thank you Sony have added an extra game to this month’s line up and will be allowing access to online multiplayer free for everyone on July 4th and 5th. This months title are:

NBA 2K20

Reviews of this game are generally favourable with the main complaints being the Micro-transactions the game is riddle with. The gameplay is considered the best of the franchise, so far. Despite the grinding and the micro-transactions, the My Career story mode has been praised as more accessible than previous entries and with a good storyline. The game has good graphics, player control and customisation. The only thing that seems to bring it down is its reliance on micro-transactions which is a plague infecting most sports games right now. If you enjoy a good sports game and you have a good handle on your in game spending then this title might well be worth a download.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration

This is the second title of the reboot franchise. The game has some excellent environments to explore and some of the best optional tomb challenges that really do capture the old Tomb Raider feel with their vastness and puzzles. If you are a fan of the old style Tomb Raider then this game has much more to offer than its predecessor. While a few puzzles did creep into the main story, most of Tomb Raider’s iconic gameplay is still hidden in the optional tombs with the main storyline more combat based. If you enjoyed the first reboot title then you’ll also love this one, as the combat and crafting system has been expanded and the puzzles are rarely forced on you.


A feature length interactive thriller shot in live action. You are given the task of investigating the deaths of Erica’s parents. The story advances based on the decisions you make and can take multiple routes to different endings. As this is an FMV title there is no character control and no combat, just decisions to be made and a story to enjoy. The title was received well on release with compliments paid to its intricate storyline and good acting. While it should only take about two hours to complete the multiple endings adds replay value. If you feel in the mood for a more laid back cinematic gaming experience then this title should be well worth a download.