This month’s free PS plus games are now available and below is a brief overview of each title on offer:

Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive drama/ action-adventure game released in 2013, originally on the PS3. The title was released to mixed reviews with much criticism directed at the narrative and cohesiveness of the game, which many have referred to as confusing and bewildering in places. However, many other players praised the game for many of the same aspects. It seems, to me, a title for which the appeal greatly depends on the individual that plays it, like marmite. Convenient then that all PS Plus subscribers can play it for free this month.

The game has limited combat and is on the whole a passive, narrative based experience, so if fast paced action is your thing then this may not be the title for you. When starting a new game, there is a choice in how to play it, chronologically or original. The games original narrative jumps back and forwards through Jodie, the main protagonists, life which can be disorientating. However, feedback on the chronological version is that it is just as disorientating as the original, as the games narrative just wasn’t meant to be encountered that way and that the gameplay suffers, as a result. The general advice from fans is to play the original version of the game and to experiment with the chronological version on a repeat play through. While it certainly has its problems, this title is certainly one that deserves a download while available on PS Plus.

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is a platform game originally released in 2013. The game received rave reviews when it came out with praise for its well-designed levels and gameplay variety. Rayman is a gaming icon with 44 titles to date, with the latest release in 2015, Rayman Adventures. The plot may be a lot more simplistic and direct than its PS Plus companion, above, but as a Rayman game, and a platformer, it is one of the best. Without a doubt this title is worth a spot on your hard drive so if you have PS Plus this month then you might want to give it a try.

Other Platform May PS Plus Titles

Risen 3: Titan Lords – PS3 – Action Roleplaying Game

Eat Them! – PS3 – Action

King Oddball – PS Vita (PS3 and PS4 Cross) – Puzzle

Furmins – PS Vita – Puzzle/ Platform