Last year, Daredevil elbowed, kicked and generally made mincemeat of the opposition, setting the benchmark for the new crop of superhero television. So it’s little wonder there’s an air of excitement with the second series posing purposefully on the rooftops above (the entire series will be available to view on Netflix from 18 March). Certainly, we at the SFFN can’t wait to see what thrills are in store this time (well, some of us, for sure!). It certainly appears that there’ll more of the same in terms of electric, brutal action scenes and a further cultivation of the dark seeds planted in season 1.

There is a strong focus this time on the conflict between Matt Murdoch (aka: Daredevil; Charlie Cox reprising his role) and Frank Castle (aka: The Punisher, played by The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal). Of course, anyone vaguely familiar with the The Punisher will be able to hazard a fair guess as to where it will all lead between these two characters. For the sake of those who are blissfully unaware, we’ll certainly keep our lips sealed. Regardless, there are more than a few new menacing sorts thrown into the mix to further complicate the besieged Daredevil’s life, along with some returning favourites. Oh, and … Elektra.

There are plenty of tantalising hints contained within the trailer, so enjoy the teaser. Also, watch out for our comprehensive review of the season in full, coming soon after its release, to the Sci-fi Fantasy Network. And if you haven’t gotten round to watching it yet, what on earth are you waiting for?