I will start this review with a personal opinion: Visions and Voices was, hands down, one of the best episodes of the whole third season of Rebels so far. Even objectively one has to say that it had everything a good episode should have. Dramatic start, interesting plot with tying up loose ends, references to even bigger and more ancient events (from the Clone Wars) and most intriguing hints for the future events. Oh, and it had Maul, too, and Bendu making a cameo appearance.

Visions and Voices has much in common with the opening episodes of this season. The focus of the episode is on the reappearance of Maul and finishing his unfinished business with Ezra. Namely, in order to make sense of their shared vision, they have to reconnect their minds. For that purpose, Maul proposes to use an ancient ritual of his ancestors, the Force Witches from Dathomir. For the fans of Clone Wars, there are many references and callbacks to Maul’s deeds from that era. For the fans of old expanded universe in general, we get to see Dathomir itself.

The episode is well-paced and avoids unnecessary fillers. The opening scene where Ezra starts hallucinating and hearing Maul’s voice is very atmospheric and chilling and the response of Ezra’s friends is very emotive. The concern of “the family”, especially Hera and Kanan, illustrates perfectly the depth of relationships running through the Rebel crew. And when Kanan decides to enlist Sabine’s help to track Ezra, it is a testimony to the way the Rebels are aware of each others’ skills and utilise them not only in battle, but also as means to help each other.

Ezra’s relationship with Maul seems to have developed (about time) for the better, for all his “try to look for the best in people”-attitude, Ezra was able to draw a clear line this time. This episode also nicely shows Ezra’s growth in terms of solving problems by himself. Relatedly, it shows nicely how Sabine doesn’t listen to him (why should she). Sabine also seems to have greater destiny in front of her, based on her reclaiming one of the old relics of her people, the Mandalorian Darksaber. And speaking of old relics, the final piece of the prophecy revealed – the “weapon to destroy the Sith” – raises the possibility for the reappearance of more interesting characters from the past.