We are excited to bring you an insight from the world of the hit fantasy series, Ren: The Girl with the Mark. 

Starring Outlander’s Sophie Skelton as a young woman marked by an ancient spirit, the first season of Ren: The Girl with the Mark has won 14 international awards and amassed a loyal following. The premiere episode has had over three million views on YouTube, and the series has recently debuted on Amazon Prime too.

The five existing episodes follow Skelton’s title character as a dramatic encounter in the forest leaves her hosting a Mahri spirit, an entity feared and reviled by the people of her world. Her mentor Karn (played by series co-creator Christopher Dane) seems to have answers, but before Ren can get them she is forced to flee her village in the company of the roguish Hunter (Duran Fulton Brown, seen in Jason Bourne, The Musketeers and Jekyll & Hyde).

As showrunner Kate Madison and her team prepare to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Season Two, they have revealed a deleted scene from the first season which sheds new light on the events of the season finale. Sci-fi & Fantasy Network readers can now watch this scene before anyone else!

The scene – titled “A Change of Heart” – takes place between episodes four and five. It depicts the first meeting between Karn and Hunter, as the latter plans to abandon Ren and flee for his life.

You can watch the scene here.

“We decided to cut this scene from Season One as we wanted to keep it a surprise that Karn and Hunter would show up to help Ren, but I’ve always loved the scene and can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks,” says Madison.

Duran Fulton Brown explains: “This world and these characters are so rich in history, but we barely scrape the surface in Season One. It’s so great to give another little hint at Hunter’s past and the things we might learn through Season Two and beyond.”

The filmmakers have finished the deleted scene to the same high standards as the rest of the show, commissioning series composer Rob Westwood to write a brand new soundtrack. Westwood’s credits include the Lego video games Marvel’s Avengers, The Hobbit and Jurassic World.

“It was very exciting to get some of the team back together to give this scene the polish it deserves,” says Madison. “Rob never got the opportunity to fully develop Hunter’s theme in the series, but in this wonderful and haunting new score we can hear it in full.”

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