Naivistic start with hidden, grave implications for the future. That’s the simplest way to describe Star Wars Resistance after the mid-season break. Even under the light tone, implications unveiling some clues about The Force Awakens are hidden, and I would like to delve into some speculation here, aside from reviewing the episode itself.

After a serious mid-season finale, it’s been a custom for Star Wars TV shows to switch into casual tone for a while. This year’s first Resistance episode, “Bibo”, was like that: almost childish, at least as far as the central plot goes. Cute creatures, sea monsters, something between “Free Willy” and E.T. calling home. I may be cynical, but I have seen this plot too many times. But no harm done.

The Phantom Menaces

It would be a pity if the supposedly childish plot of the episode overshadowed the important development that happened in terms of the overall narrative. Let’s recapitulate. During this episode:

– Synara began to figure out Kaz may not be what he seems to be; she is now probably the person closest to figuring out his hidden identity. If she does, what is she going to do? Will she tell the pirates – and through them, the First Order? Or will she, by that time, have switched sides (as I have been predicting already for a while) and she could therefore become one of his close associates? Finding her life purpose in the Resistance would be a major development in Synara’s character arc. I can’t help but to think of parallels between her and agent Kallus in Rebels

– Synara also figured out how to operate the emergency and shielding system for the Colossus platform. Bearing the above in mind, she is now able to hack it, should the pirates have need of it. Another speculation, if I may? Given that Doza is about to sign a contract with the First Order, allowing their presence on the platform, under the pretext of protecting against the pirates (who are paid by the First Order); then the First Order will have no use for the pirates anymore. Is it possible that the pirates could, in some distant future, stand on the same side as the Resistance, and Synara could sabotage the station systems that would be, by that time, under the First Order’s control, and allow the “good guys” access to the platform?

…And The Force Awakened

– the kids who are currently hiding in the engineering section were having “dreams” about the monster before it came. Ergo, they are Force sensitive and that is why, we can presume, Kylo Ren was after them. Whether they are children of some Jedi (Luke’s trainees, or maybe renegade master Ezra Bridger), or simply potential Force Users the First Order wanted to either convert or eliminate, is open for speculation at this moment. Another interesting question to ask: how does this “hunt for Force users” relate to the big picture and Ren’s response to Rey? Did Ren hunt the kids because Snoke had sensed a future threat (Rey) but did not know who exactly it might be, so wanted to preventively get rid of any Force sensitives he stumbled upon? Or, analogically, was Kylo’s reaction to Rey such as it was because he had reacted that way already before to other Force users, such as the kids?

– last but not least, the episode meant a lot in terms of relationships between the characters. The bond between Neeku, Tam, Kaz and Yeager has tightened thanks to the experience with Bibo. Aside from that, Kaz just saved the life of Griff Halloran, the grim Ace pilot with black Imperial tattoos. He’s also helped the Aces, possibly earning himself a spot in the squadron – in the future, if not immediately. Will he eventually recruit the Aces into the Resistance? Or will he become one of the “defenders of Colossus” and, in an Ezra Bridger style (as Ezra protected Lothal), have to decide between the loyalties to his “home” (the platform and its inhabitants) and the Resistance’s global movement?

As we can see, there is more than enough food for thought even after this simple episode. With that, we can look forward to the future of Resistance – as the show’s timeline is getting closer and closer to that of The Force Awakens