There’s a new campaign in town! Calling all Lovecraft and Cthulhu lovers! Developer Strange Matter is not afraid of insanity – are you?

The Kickstarter campaign is now up and they need your help! Check it out!


“Rise of the Elders: Cthulhu” is a tactical RPG for PC and Mobile, inspired by the work of famous novel writer H.P. Lovecraft. It is a deeply challenging turn-by-turn combat game wrapped in an exciting dynamic world, full of player choices. We like board-games, table-top RPGs and adventure video games, and want to put the best of them into one gaming experience. And as people often lack time or fellow players, Rise of the Elders can be played equally for a couple of minutes or several hours, depending on your availability. We also put an important focus on making it perfectly playable on both PC and mobile. The whole user interface and user experience have been designed to be 100% mobile friendly.


If you take Lovecraft’s books one by one then all you might see is a bunch of horror stories. But if you put all these stories together and look at them as a whole, the global picture is much more epic: you will find yourself contemplating a complete alternative world with its own mythos and lore, an encyclopedia of bizarre creatures, a pantheon of alien gods, a fragile mankind perpetually on the brink of destruction… And that’s the angle we are trying to capture in our game. “Rise of the Elders: Cthulhu” definitely isn’t yet another survival horror game. Actually, we like to think of it as a mix between “XCOM” (the video game), “Call of Cthulhu” (the table-top RPG) and “Eldritch Horror” (the board-game). If “Rise of the Elders: Cthulhu” is successful we plan to make sequels with a different Elder god each time – hopefully there will be a “Rise of the Elders: Azathoth”, “Rise of the Elders: Nyarlathotep”, and many others!


Base Management : assign your Investigators to a variety of tasks from working and training, to studying relics and researching new spells. Establish new contacts all over the world in order to access even more possibilities.
Character Progression : carefully choose your skills, spells and inventory as you level-up. Seasoned Investigators become more powerful but also more complex to manage as they most likely accumulated some mental disorders.
Turn-by-Turn Combat : outwit your enemies in a unique top view combat mode that will put your tactical skills to the test. Every Investigator can draw from a large combination of items, weapons, spells and abilities to make a difference on the field.
Permanent Death : if your Investigators lose too many health points they permanently die. Likewise, if they lose too many sanity points they become mad and turn on you.
Sanity Points : sanity is a very important resource used for all kind of things, from withstanding morale attacks from your enemies to studying blasphemous relics and casting spells. Spend it wisely!
Retro comic book art style : dive into the Lovecraft lore through our critically acclaimed art style. Although the interface is in 2D it will make you travel like no other game.
High replay value : thanks to our randomly generated characters and events you will be experimenting a different story for each of your game sessions.
Play on mobile and PC : the game has been designed right from the start to fit the mobile platform which means you can play on PC or mobile alike! If we reach our critical mass of users we would also like to add cross platform saving.