Ninth Sister (front) and Second Sister (right) in Jedi: Fallen Order game.

The chief villains in Jedi: Fallen Order are not entirely unfamiliar. Second trailer for the game has revealed the Ninth Sister – adding another female Inquisitor alongside the Second Sister, already showed in the previous material.

Who Is the Ninth Sister?

Ninth Sister is anything but your stereotypical feminine villain. Well, that is not to say that she cannot be feminine: but she is a giant, hulking Dowutin. Dowutins are a species we have glimpsed in The Force Awakens. One Dowutin male, Grummgar, appeared in Maz Kanata’s castle in the company of the bounty hunter Bazine Netal.

Grummgar, a male Dowutin, and the spy Bazine Netal in Maz Kanata’s castle.

The Ninth Sister herself has already appeared in Darth Vader: Lord of the Sith comic series. There, she assists Vader to hunt down the survivors of Order 66 alongside other familiar Inquisotirs, such as the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother from Rebels.

Talking Back To Vader

She is actually pretty badass in the comics. The Ninth Sister is not afraid to talk back to Darth Vader, yet she is not like the dumb Imperial officers who gainsay Vader and it is the last mistake they make. She acts that way because she knows what she is doing and she has sensible arguments to back up her actions.

More importantly, she has cool powers. Her special talent in the Force is to sense emotions and in a way, read minds of those around her. That gives her an instant insight into others’ psychology. Including Vader’s. We could say that she knows more about Vader than majority of people, who only see his armoured exterior.

Ninth Sister standing up to Vader in Darth Vader comics.

The Ninth Sister appeared in the Jedi: Fallen Order trailer very briefly. We can, however, already conclude much based on what we know. She is likely going to be another major game boss. Second Sister is probably going to be the ultimate boss, but Ninth Sister may serve as a recurring villain for, say, half of the game, or more.

Her psychic sense gives the Ninth Sister an obvious advantage when tracking runaway Jedi. At the same time, her obvious physical strength makes her a veritable tank. I think she will make a formidable villain. The combination of strong physique and the power of empathy make for a unique mix that surely has its uses also in combat.

The Second Phasma?

Compared to the Ninth Sister, we know next to nothing about the major villain in Jedi: Fallen Order – the Second Sister. In fact, before this trailer, we saw literally two images (or, short scenes) with the Second Sister. In the latest trailer, the Second Sister finally speaks – her diction is reminiscent of Captain Phasma, which is undoubtedly intentional. Combined with the full armour, it is clearly supposed to evoke similar, familiar vibe.

We have no idea who or what is under her armoured exterior. We can assume that just like the other Inquisitors, she is a former Jedi or Padawan.

I could throw around a few theories, but they are pure guesses. When I saw her helmet, with her visor somehow placing the focal point rather into the middle of her face, it crossed my mind that perhaps she is an Abyssin – a cyclops-looking alien species. It is much more likely, however, that she turns out to be some Jedi character we have seen elsewhere, and in a dramatic moment when she removes her helmet (sometime close to the end of the story), we are going to learn that this Jedi fell to the Dark Side.

Second Sister and her Purge Troopers in Jedi: Fallen Order

Fresh Take On Villains

I am very happy with both Sisters as antagonists for Jedi: Fallen Order. I am sure there will be more villains, but these two ladies have already won my heart. One has to appreciate the fact that they have very refreshing character concepts. Especially Ninth Sister, who is as far from a poster girl as it goes, and possesses a very unique combination of personality traits.

From me, the creators get five stars for the choice of villains already.